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"Last words are for fools, who haven't said enough" -Karl Marx

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in case any1s wondering=)
Josh ya drug talk vids
shud say these things
are bad for this kid
I just said NO cuz I
Listen 2 the label
keep out of reach of children
That's Y we started the competition
Needle wit ya mic
spittin from mount olympus
Ight enough wit the haha shit
some1 tell this kid
no1 wanna hear lady gaga spit
How bout u lip sing
suckin ma dick
for some attention
no masq not to mention
special Ed kid dissin me
hangin on
to double D and eddy
short of a jawbreaker already
Out of work rapper since they shut down the recycling center
this a battle of lyriscists and u aint ready to enter

One thing i wouldn't anna listen to is you rap again.Man your lyrics are horrible.

word i love u too bro

Actually, to be honest, that verse aint half bad. You should definitely get more like that man.

thanks, and yeah my lyrics have stepped up a shitload since those^ just gotta finish writing them, n u gon see some fiiire=D

wow... ngrs really seem to ht you lol

lmfao, nah they love meh<3 but ye i got some shit coming 2 shit on every1

ur profile says ur 18 now..so i can legally smack you around now?..haha

makin up excuses?

still rapping?
dude no offense but i think its time to hang up the headphones

talkin shit aint gna get u nowhere kid=[ but i'll smack u up any day bruh

hahaha fagits


ahaha youll smack me up? how many times have you been smacked up bn? like i could fucking rip u in my sleep..if i was in a coma. dont front cause ill end your carrer again..and again..and again. Fucking with monk is a death wish

more like child's play, ya rhymes is preschool kid

lol if my rhymes are preschool what are yours considered? cause you still have yet to touch the level i even started off at lol

bruh don't come poppin off on ma page unless u got some shit that's not gna waste ma time u being a lil bitch about this shit

aha if we going pop off then pop off n***a, show me your &quot;skill&quot;

LOL, i ain't gna waste my time till I see something worth my 5 mins

my man always killin it


Last submission April 12, 2010? Fuck you BN. Keep it real. The world needs you.

lol, ma fault madd shitt came up over the last few months...=( lol and=D don't worry it's well worth the wait, i got some epic shit in the works atm=D

no worries sir, BN's never leaving=D

BN rulez!! He keeps it pimpen!

you already know=D

I have been at work and school, hardly gotany time to chill, still, my PS3 got tha YLOD thingy, so imma give you my PSN anyways, I got 3 PSN's for each faction in MAG,

Raven/NBA2K10/main account: SoujaAdam8

Valor account: G-otcha-B-itch

S.V.E.R. account: SVER_Adam_Mane

I recomend that you add my Raven account, because I use it for NBA 2K10, and GTA 4 and other sheit

no doubt add me 2

Family you are too funny lol, everyone that has posted/commented slating you has had a witty or just plain FUDGING FUNNY reply haha.

Don't see how your songs are rated stupidly low! I gotcha any way breddah!

good looks bro, i try to always entertain my fans=D and as for the songs im not surprised, I've gotten a whole lot better since then and it's simply due to all the beef that i started giving honest criticism=D

Thanks a lot for the support bro, it really means a lot=)