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Great original work, I like the animation which sort of reminded me of a few adventure time episodes(when they have guest artists).

lmao this is amazing, shout out to Bob Ross

Hah great work guys, awesome how all the works came together

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4.07 / 5.00 (+ 0.00066)

YO can u explain to me wtf happens when you end up in the hospital, does he try to kill himself or something? I don't really get it?

I like it

only improvements I would add is maybe a bonus unlockable character maybe smtin like a snake like thing that isn't bound to the ground? and sometimes the turtle flew off the screen so it would be nice to know where he is when he's offscreen like maybe make a marker or smtin to show where he is? and maybe not for the space ship but it would be nice if you showed where the next meteors were coming from (a radar on the side maybe?) other than that it's a cool game=)

ickmiester responds:

Thanks much for the suggestions! We were originally planning on having a marker for when the turtle flew off the screen, but we actually ran out of time with flixel february coming to a close. We never even talked about radar, we'll keep that in mind for future games.


this game kicks ass

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Truth man, I can see Huey putting in work with this. Bro the level of awesome your work is can't even be put in to words. Truly I am your biggest fan. Them scratches and smooth jazzy melody just so soothing. Touche

This is actually pretty good, although I think you need to change the bass line or the drum set. Like its a slight bit off from being a fire beat on some tyler the creator maybe even kendrick shit

Homey where ya scouter at? dope bars man, sick beat too

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Nice, I love the contrast with the red

Amazing album art good sir, this gives off a strong feel for what the album is to become.

So serene, I love it. This gives off a strong emotion, otherwise that's one mighty potion

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