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Kickin em while they down

Posted by Broken-Needle - February 2nd, 2010

ROFL, found a pic of Nadi's mom(yes that's her trust me) in the subway

Kickin em while they down


My mom is actually a whale, but thanks! Dunno how BN would help me lose my virginity 8 years ago. Werent you in diapers still? Plus I fucked your girl last week, not 8 years ago. Well thanks for letting me tear that tight shyte up! Props!

You just mad ya mommy get sloppy when she give u the bed time kiss

And the award forthe worst MS Paint editing goes to......

oh i hope its meee=D
first off i'd like to thank MS paint, my girlfriend Afrin and of course Nadi's mother for making all this possible...

hey good for him
but im comin for your virgin ass nuggah
fuckin yu rawdog bitch

lmfao, ight lil boy don't forget to tell ur mommy 2 tuck u in real tight tonight so u can wet dream about me w.o gettin her prego again

ey man
my mom done died 6 years ago homie
show a lil respect

she done died in a driveby dem n***az was supposed to take me out but they got my moms instead

so fukkin act right you bitchmade cracka
im comin for dat ass

ROFL, don't lie kid ya mommy still give you bedtime kisses every night, lmfao. You're like 12 years old bro... no1 is buying your act and no1 is scared of you (except maybe the other 12 year olds you hang out with) so hop off<3

PS I was in that car<3

im a grownass man, show some fuckin respect nuggah
watch out so i dont some to your fukkin house n***a
shoot u the fuk up

i dont believe ya kid... sorry but you might be 60 for all i care, u aint no grownass man if u goin on kids pages threatening them and trying to get attention...