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Broken-Needle's News

Posted by Broken-Needle - February 28th, 2009

I just cant get enough, please hate me

Penny for ya thoughts?
"Oh and BN thanks in advance for the 5"
Funny how a broken needle helps the broke=D
anytime buddy

ROFLMFAO heres another update a PM

At 3/31/09 8:46 PM, Madwigged wrote:
: I said lets wait to be fair to you. My track already is higher that yours, and doesnt have 15 people shittin on it. So i will judge it. I BEAT YOU. Other than that, i care not to contact you no more, or battle someone who obviously is just tryin to be hated on to feel better. Good day to you sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.

ROFLMFAO, ok there buddy lets be honest you wrote that shit then decided you're ready, went on my page reviewed ma track, I called you out after hearing that whack track, you spent last night and prolly all day today recording your shit... You have no more lines 2 use, I thought you were smart enough 2 have at least saved some lyrics for round 2, but I guess not, ROFL you fail buddy

I need more 0's

Posted by Broken-Needle - February 5th, 2009

Yo as you all know all I do on this site is pretty much beef, lol so somebody battle me i dont wanna hurt any feelings starting shit, lmao. Post up a link on this post if you up for the challenge... Sombody please step up tho I'm getting bored waiting 4 KoldKane 2 grow some balls

Posted by Broken-Needle - January 22nd, 2009

For those of you that don't wanna scroll down a 2 part diss song lyrics 2 vote 0 on my work this news post is for you.

So might as well mention I got a new mic. Expect lots of new work and more activity on the site from me=D.
Just gotta get rid of this illness, lmao (not lyricaly, literaly lol) enough corny shit

Um also tryin 2 work on some animation project for some former work, doubt any luck will come of it tho, so
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Posted by Broken-Needle - December 26th, 2008

Listen this scar can't b stiched
ripped this shit so now you can cover ya eyes
Die forever you 2 guys never lived on that rap
Crap sap leeking out sewers
You fail u sunk even lower
Ya mom's here is this what you wanna show her?
Just like ya rap I'ma throw her
Say dumpin, decap me? when you the pumpkin?
Now lemme tell you something to ya people
Decaping a needle doesn't do shit
I'm just gonna b broken needle...
Now isn't that evil?
I don't play by the rules but that's legal
Now stop spitting fecal
U lookin at regal
It's unbelievable
For me to loose
So choose paper or plastic
Ma raps fantastic
Drastic damage punches in a sandwich
Bite me fight me
In the end I'ma ghost write thee on the graphite c?
Politely in the ground calcite yee
May be you wood have a chance but I'ma termite G
After I devour ya whole I devour ya home
Burry you lome you I'ma bite ya chrome dude
Cuz b4 and I did shit didn't exist
Now put a fist black power
You under a flower
Dig up yourself outta ya grave
You ma slave go fetch me some slippers
Call ma style rapper rippers
I got my own undead strippers
Dropin killah singles
ya bald mommy likes it when my balls jingles
her tongue tingles but my dick and her face mingles
She dead too she choked on food
Well say meat at least you all family meet
You all beat Aaron S.cRath
I agree he saw part o ma wrath
Hey leave me alone I'm takin a blood bath
I jus finished shitting on you
So what you gonna do? you have another chance before I flush you
Oh by the way special olympics, son you the 1 sounding retarded
Look it's over b4 it even started like negative time limits
I'm positive feel ma image I'm getting under your skin
I killed the hospital but patience never wear thin
I'll win day in n day in
Say you're here since 04 what 4?
Does that make you a cool kid?
STFU and take another punch to the rib
2 point at 0s is to aim at you
Each punch cashew nutless
My finess express an excess opress
they stressed they aint learn guess its recess
oh yes the hero's here where's the princess
There, oh no that's jus Rooby tryin on his holiday dress
Now to transgress the laws of physics rip you apart without force
Just set course for the source leavin you speaking code like morse
Tappin me barely scary ain't it?
You and victory never got acquainted
You jus heard me and fainted
Ok you just put up a new diss so for this near miss
I'ma rip you on one more beat take a seat and listen 2 this 1 end, and let another begin

Rip you stick you wit that 22 you talk about
Now take it in the mouth smith and wesin
you stressin
holucinatin a weapon
you can't ever b reppin
u aint ever rappin
u jus rhymin
You on the loser list please sign in
yeah the list is big look 4 ur name its har 2 find it
oh no it's there 5 times you dissed yourself with your rhymes
Now I'ma slap you a couple more
Go get ya change from the store
talkin about fee's how about u lick theese
N U T's? please stop rappin
Stap talkin bout gun clappin
Cuz the audience pack more than you
Bid rap adeu all ya cats sad for you
Cuz you think you in a dog fight thinkin you flyin high
I got gattling guns in the sky
Yes I got force 2 lift em n i dont even try
All ya diss is banzai
Kamikazai listen the way my fire works like its july
Shoot down ya guy like a house fly
I already droped bombs I got the bird eye
Son Mary had a little lamb and her name was roobie
I ate that mutha fucka he went down smoothly
Shit em out, thats y he lookin all goofy
Suck on this miney mouse tits
You fuckin bitch can't make a diss
Now remember the princess
Where's your dress cuz marry needs a wife
Cuz she'll cumin round the mountain when she cums
BINGO is for bums and Old McDonald died of a heart attack
After his last big mac
Wonder where's the star in you lemme check ya heart dude
It's time for Kano cuz they kno I rip em better
You best wear a diamond sweater cuz I'm still rippin
Right here sittin in my chair magic makin you disapear
n reapear in the recycling bin killing is a sin
But I'm already on santa's naughty list
Son watch me get pissed n I'ma shit on you
And ya S.cRath boy crew he wanna fuck too?
Tell em grab some rubber he needs all the safety he can get
I aint breakkin a sweat only ya face now there's a time and place
And it's time for you to go to church
Cuz u makin Grim search
It's not nice 2 waste time
It's a sign when victory is mine
It's time to quit stop sounding retarded for a bit
Now shit... no I don't mean make another diss
Fuck this you ain't listen anyway
Say u a croc hunter and I'm a sting ray
I'ma sting ya fame away
Say you on flash audio and BBS
but you jus bs now go fetch those slippers
u think u harder than needle u must b a nail so I got the clippers
Sayin u bigger aight pull down ya zippers
That's right fake ass Wigga
Talkin bout ya smith and weson
Learn a fuckin lesson
now isn't school fun
Maybe you can learn from aaron
Just dont rap
Take a nap maybe then you'll win
dream of me plz dont sin
Jus pretend you didnt loose no cum n no booze

War Tyme(Rooby diss)

Posted by Broken-Needle - March 11th, 2008

-Broken Needle
Do you? - Want a peace?
Music blind- they can't see
Fake accaunt? Ses made 3
Rackoon - Needs 1up
Mario brothers - laugh at him
He's dead - just road kill
Broken jaw? - That's war-spawn
They're done - lets move on
I'm back - Get used 2 me
Like you - get the third one free
i-Tunes- can't play me
Spy sweeper- can't catch me
Smoke weed - my eyes bleed
Virgin blunt - get her lit
(interupt) - pass that shit
Got it now - take a hit
(Take a puff)
- Tito Jones
Pass that shit up boy
- Broken Needle
Fucked up - just a bit
Watch NYC - Chicago it
Cotton mouth? - watch me spit
Munchy time - get the food?
Got beef? - nah no mood

(phone ring)
Phone call - ay what's good?
Wanna blaze? - yeah I could

Posted by Broken-Needle - January 28th, 2008

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

Quit tryin 2 play gangsta, quit tryin 2 act tough
Get blown away wit jus one puff, son you had enough
I always knew you was a pussy ass bitch
We can't hear you cause u a pusy ass bitch
When I'ma cock back, I make ya whole face flat
From now on a bullet is a Big mac
Cuz it's headed from ya mouthpart straight to ya heart
Think you sick but I think u tripin
Maybe ya ass OD drink rhobotesin
Tell ya I'ma put ya in a tank
N watch ya as ya hopes sank
Sleepin wit the fishes and wakin wit birds
You just feeding the fire like lit woods

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

I'ma have you watching ya back, like u wanna c a tatoo
You a scooby snack, scooby-doo ain't real neither are you
Sounded best in acapela, cuz I knew you couldn't do it better
His idol a cross dresser, so what's on RMP's plate?
A blind eye, a broken jaw, dead rackoon dam I jus ate
Better step off ma fire before it's too late
Didn't need fire at first, had you done raw,
If you can't picture ma' victory better learn how to draw
Son you fuck wit me? Didn't know you like bestiality
You can win but not in reality, well too bad
Now rackoon head back to ya cartoon
B4 I get the gat and turn you to a hat

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

Speak up boy, we can't hear you
Speak up boy, wanna b famous? here's how to
Speak up boy, o u rapping past curfew?
Speak up boy, cuz that was just a preview

Speak up boy(diss)

Posted by Broken-Needle - January 24th, 2008

War Spawn
Fake criminal
He prays for days cops stop ppl
For not lookin both ways

(Verse 1)
Feds heads don't turn his way
Unless he got a box of dohnuts
Popo's chose not to fuck 'em over
Even when he tripped over
By sluts wit big tits n big butts
But Ses steals repeatedly
Now Cyrez virginity
They were meant to b
They disney
Ses a rat he mickey (more like miney)
Can't understand warspawn's or duckey
Bearrila in McDonald poor Donald
Ses jealous lookin like Ronald
We caught Ses stealin make up
So War spawn wants to break up
After a long night of crying they wake up
And A Gang is the first thought - they got
Ends not meetin'
So they twistin'
The story into a knot
Cut that shit off maybe u forgot
We run this so light up some pot
And watch The eye of music get blood shot

(Chorus x2)
Blow your nose

(Verse 2)
Liquid emcee think he hard like metal
But apparently he mercury
Place 'em in a thermometer you'll see
Sadly not even he
Can measure up to me
Said shit to kaliba bout medieval times
Son look at ya rhymes
You in the dark ages
RMP house of kings but A Gang come wit the aces
Dots on ya head only time we leave traces
Broke bitch can't afford ya lil bro braces
Foo's river dance on his face
So he got some flow
I can't stress this shit enough I need Ses
It's not too late for peace
So I suggest you protest
Before we need a piece to start a slug fest
No worries tho we'll drop salt in the wounds
So the slugs seize and if you're still not deceiced
Have ya butterfly effect turn to cacoons
Oh and wanna b emcee Rackoon
Talkin about his rocket launchers
Have 'em pinned down by archers
To a rocket launched by NASA
Have them features
Wit mercury fasta
Push ya head back like a Pezz dispensor
Son yo no hablo en espanol
So I'll let ma' gun talk
Son u ain't got jack so climb the bean stalk
N get stomped by giants
Son you fuckin wit THC
Or do you not get the science?
Iz like walkin a tightrope n losin balance
No net underneath
Quick relief no1 grief
Only paper they got
Is a piece of loose leaf

(Chorus x2)
Blow your nose

(Verse 3)
Liquid emcee I ain't done wit you
Ma' heat make you evaporate
Too bad I can't talk about pushin weight
Thaz warspawns first date
All ya words fall onto deaf(death) ears
But soon you'll b able to relate
At least you and ya lines can relate
Cuz neither o u straight
Rackoon said it's the end for BN
He right I ain't startin wit bitches again
Victory for me is never godsend
But I wanna see amen
Who can present a challenge
I can't see any1 in my past
Like a blind man playin ball
Future seems to stand still
For yall like a picture
Prolly caused
by A-Gang received applause

And the stomping, stoping rappers wit broken jaws
Now back to presents nah I ain't Santa Claus
But Ses ya chick been on the naughty list
Since the first time ma dick kissed her lips
Said some shit bout hangin me on ya wall
Iz aight she already got me there after all
Oh and Rackoon blow ya nose
Son you're about to have more problems than the new windows
Suppose it is the end of BN
But that's the point
Once it and ya skin join
I'm on ya nerves
Have ya skin peelin like u had sunburns
From the scratchin yall cant admit
That now yall is ma' addicts

(Chorus x4)
Blow your nose

Blow your nose(diss)

Posted by Broken-Needle - January 6th, 2008

So here's some clarification on the situation we have goin on in the audio portal, although there are many haters who are commonly reffered to as RMP, and their attempts to force their own image unto me by spreading rumors. Although I am lvl 18 right now my voting power is actually 5.96 votes, although that's without the blam/protection points(those however don't count when voting on audio submissions) with the blam/protection points it's 6.19. Here's a pic of my screen to prove it

The whole hater issue

Posted by Broken-Needle - December 27th, 2007

(Intro about 3 and a half minutes)

(Chorus X multiple times)
I wanna be just like U
When I grow up yes I do

(Verse 1)
I call beef a cash crop, n I'm the farmer
Fuck this paragraph bomber
A-Gang sent 'em to pearl harbor
He suicide on us
Gotta get off his own bus
Bitch don't start talkin unless u called on
This bitch gets the mail(male), he on ma' lawn
I hit'em so hard made 'em lose chromasomes
Re-arranged his atoms
Bitch can't ride beats he carsick
An eye for an eye it's time to face the music
Bitch belong on a clothesline, he washed up
He got less black in 'em than Europe
Believe me, ya entire city
Gettin ma' flow like Venice
Thaz Ses on da chorus
Everyone I faced lost and you ain't gonna to break the pattern
Said rings on ya finger like saturn but u (4got to mention the) OR (got) dicks in uranus


(Verse 2)

Said even the nile river got more flow than me
The Nile's hard to beat, man I'm flattered,
Even try n suck up 2 me, not like it matter
Can't get ya words right like a game of scrable
Kill the leader n end this battle
Got ya mooing(moving) like cattle
Ma' flow leave 'em without a padddle
I step all over 'em he a shadow
He rap wit a broken hand I'm more than he can handle
Let this pussy bleed
Should've told me
Iz his first time
I'ma New York star, I shine
Brightest he a red giant
Food for thought but u dont fit my diet
I'ma sleigh(slay) u n I ain't talkin bout raindeeer
Everybody feel me like I rap in braille
Ses blowin them males
N not exhale
Said he on his grind but he jus hit the 3rd rail


Just like U (remix)

Posted by Broken-Needle - December 3rd, 2007

Decided to put up the lyrics, cuz some lines are hard 2 catch:

Reviewer-Hey man u been doin' good but u still got room for improvement, ya lyrics aren't as good as
they could be
Ses-Fake acount, Fake account hey everybody check out Lejins fake accounts

Victory tastes so sweet
And this a JoCa beat
but ey wazzup wit all these/ dick ridaz
PMin' u n beggin u/ "oh plz hide us"
Why don't they voice their opinion/ in public?
I'm sure ya bitch ass/ would love it
O wait,/ I know the reason
Cuz they know iz/ huntin' season ... huntin season... huntin season

(Chorus X2)
We ain't playin wit... RMP
We ain't rollin wit... RMP
We ain't ridin wit... RMP
But we yawning wit... the rest

(Verse 1)
A-Gang run NG
And Moses knows this
The Eye of Music/ this foo' is trying to see sound
No wonder any sort of talent/ is nowhere to be found
Guess when Moses split the red sea/ the talent drowned
I spit at ya brain/ thaz y u retarded (water on ya brain)
Now when it comes to getting brain I got u outsmarted
I ain't a problem? So thaz y u can't solve it
When it comes to runnin I hope u bitches voted
Now if we talk about sprayin, I got ya coated
Fuck ya bus, I'ma high jack that shit n drive it into ya house
Said u got the southern grind, but I split the rails
Get as many heads against me, but I got tails
Finally got the come back, but I ain't impressed
Ses you seem stressed
So here lemme help u get some rest
Leave ya sleepin' yet fully dressed

(Chorus X2)
We ain't playin wit... RMP
We ain't rollin wit... RMP
We ain't ridin wit... RMP
But we yawning wit... the rest

(Verse 2)
U callin me the hatta,/ then how come u on the front page?
I'll get rid o u/ wit pocket change
Throw in a few/ nicks and dimes
Get u a free add/ on new york times
Have the muthafuckaz/ disconnect ya spine
So no worries/ about gettin' nervous
Let the Blood in u surface
A sign AGBS been here
I got it runnin like clockwork, set ma' plan to gear
Get on monster.com/ cuz I'ma end ya career
Squash ya melon/ and get the water flowin'
Better tell all the semen u swallowed to start rowin'
I don't need heat/ to turn this battle/ 180 degrees
Bitch please, NG wants this needle/ more than junkies

(Chorus X2)
We ain't playin wit... RMP
We ain't rollin wit... RMP
We ain't ridin wit... RMP
But we yawning wit... the rest

(Verse 3)
Said u got a car n keys?
Bitch please, then pay ya phone bill
If RMP run NG ya'll must be on a treadmill
Take ma' line and think u diss me wit it?
Fuckin homo ya mouth's filled wit other mens spit
If u in love me n SeRAPaphic it don't mean we brothers
We'll both cut down ya numbers, can call us barbers
We from earth but we'll give u close encounters
You lookin' fo' trouble? well u found us
Better pay ya rent cuz I ain't givin' ya room to breathe
This bitch waitin' for his balls to drop/ like it's new years eve
Down south love? Then how come ya myspace got New York?
Bitch I don't think u can handle this beef, mutha fucka switch to pork

(Chorus X2)
We ain't playin wit... RMP
We ain't rollin wit... RMP
We ain't ridin wit... RMP
But we yawning wit... the rest


We ain't (Diss)