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Posted by Broken-Needle - November 20th, 2007

For those of you who are hearing impared:

(Intro by Lejin)

(Verse 1)
Guess this racoon foo' is used to diggin' thru Debris
I'ma hang this fake Emcee like wet clothes
And then Expose
Raps true kings who don't wear robes
I'm ill and there ain't an antidote,
Tear beef apart right off ya bone
Only one vacine if u start a battle between me and ma' clones
(Oh shit!)
This a non-stop flow
Like the dam just broke
And this track ain't a joke
Cuz I don't wanna make Ses choke
Twice my punch lines gave him lice
Cuz he scratchin his head
I got this bitch hangin by a thread
And it's a cold world so I'ma make ma'self a sweater
His lyrics got less meaning than a blank letter
Ma' flow is ill n I took medicine to make it even better


(Verse 2)
The piano keys lock ma' victory
As I stand tall and proud for yall to see
And a warning not aim any threats to me
Cuz I'll deliver ma' message loud and clear
If u start frontin' I'll hit u from the rear
An' Lou all I got is respect for you
Keep doin' what you do
And run ya NDP crew
A-Gang we comin into the picture
We hittin' home runs and RMP u da pitcher
We lay down our track and a freight train hit ya
Wanna end the beef? then share ma' friendly fire
I'll run laps around u an' never get tired
Don't believe me? Then prove me a liar
Ma' lyrics are deeper than the titanic
An' when I come thru I make ya bitches panic
Cuz once I'm done u'll be sleepin in the Atlantic


(Verse 3)
They call me broken needle
Cuz u dont want me getin' under ya skin
U dno where I've been
U can't be me
Even if you made me jump out of my own skin
U couldn't come close to me
Even if you were ma' siamese twin
When it comes to ridin' beats
I got road rage
Can't play me like an N-Gage
An' no ma' weed ain't laced
But if u think ur better then u trippin
Now stop for a second and listen
U hear that? it's the sound of your defeat
I'm the one who's tired but I got u bitches beat
And Lipz I kno where u live, ya apartment and ya street
Don't try n act tough cuz u livin in da queit part o da Bronx
Only way he tight is when he put on thongs
He thought we bought his fake image but I just closed down the shops
Your time is runnin out better rewind the clocks
Lipz get 'em off ma' cock
Bitch I ain't homo so I ain't gna bust shots

(Final Chorus)

Posted by Broken-Needle - October 31st, 2007

The RMP is slaughtered onthe Hip-Hop page bythe A-Team AKA NG-Munition bythe track R.I.P. RMP(Diss) Broken-Needle on 1st verse, SeRAPhic on 2nd, Lejin on 3rd and Beat andmixing by Young Breeze
here are the lyrics 2 ma' verse:
Fuck you Dj Ses
I gave you a warning, consider yourself blessed
I'm about to empty ma' shells an' I aint talkin bout a nest
About to leave ya breathless tear the lungs right out o ya chest
When you fuck with the best
You fall like the rest
Bullets like these ain't easy to digest
Keep fuckin' wit me
And I'll tear out the roots of your family tree
I'll put you to sleep and no need for a bed time story
I'm about to commit murda to a new degree
Put the barrrel to your dome
And have you thinkin' chrome
Cut ya life short turn it to a gnome
And this is what it's gna say on ya tombstone
1991-2007 name: unknown
You so dumb ya can't even spell out ya own defeat
You need a GPS to follow ya own beat
An athlete who can't compete
Asks for beef but he don't eat meat
Write out ya death will and ask for a receipt
I ain't let you get back on ya feet
Like I paralyzed you
Bitch stick to stealin' beats or did you run out of glue?
Dis game over, would you like to continue?
You ever played clue?
Well I got a ridle for you
Can you solve the murda when the victim is you?

Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Posted by Broken-Needle - July 31st, 2007

How come I click on my reviews and see all the reviews I left for audio and flashes? before the new layout it used to be realy easy

Posted by Broken-Needle - July 19th, 2007

Hip Hop lives, however we must open our eyes, don't get me wrong I love hip-hop and so far I've been seeing it the wrong way, we must go back to Hip-Hop's roots, what hip-hop used to be <a>http://templeofhiphop.org/index.php?option=com_content&ta sk=view&id=64&Itemid=39
We are not alone, listen to this video/song made by one andonly KRS-One: <a>http://youtube.com/watch?v=iWa4UpajKTc
BN out